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​I am a naturopathic physician and midwife in Portland with over 15 years experience in family practice and attending births. I strive to provide gentle, caring, attentive care for the whole family. I have gained lots of experience with my years of work in Portland pediatrics and I love to help individuals and families as they grow and change and move through all the stages in their lives. Whether you are trying to reach a long-term goal or you have an acute illness that needs attention and care, I am here to help you feel better. 

As a Portland pediatrician and midwife, my goal is to listen to you and try to meet your needs. Every family is different, and the needs of each member vary from year to year. I really enjoy getting to know your family so we can work together to find the best solutions for your whole family.

My main area of focus is women and children. I work with women through all of life’s stages, trying to help each woman feel her best. Every life stage brings different questions and concerns, and my goal is to help you find the answers that meet your needs. I teach pediatrics and love working with children. Watching them grow from birth to adulthood is a great source of joy for me. I try to help families understand the changes each child goes through, and I work hard to help find solutions that fit the whole family when there are problems. Whether it's teething or puberty, every family deserves information and support to keep life smooth and happy.

I would love to meet you and your family. Whether you are new to natural medicine or have been using it for years, I am sure we can work together to get you where you want to be.
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